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Areas of interests:

  1. Mining and concentration of solid fossil fuels

    • Technological and marketing aspects

    • Legislative basis and quality monitoring

    • Recycling and waste disposal

  2. Mining, processing and use of alternative gaseous fuels

    • Shale and shelf gases

    • Coal mine methane

    • Coke oven and metallurgical gases

  3. Solid fuel gasification for power engineering

    • Status and prospects of coal and other hard fossil fuels underground gasification

    • Gasification of fossil fuels and waste in a fixed bed, in the melt, in a fluidized bed and in the flow, process flow schemes of product use, economic and ecological features

    • Technological schemes CCGT with integrated gasification of solid fuels (IGCC plant)

    • Combined technological schemes of gasification with the ash and slag waste recycling

  4. Thermal processing of solid fuels for industrial application, synthetic fuels obtaining and hydrogen power engineering applications

    • production of synthetic liquid fuel (SLF) and products of organic synthesis

    • the use in the metallurgical industry processes

    • low-temperature processing

    • the use of hydrogen power

  5. Coal-water fuel (CWF)

    • Slurry preparation technology and critical aspects of its, storage and delivery: methods, processes and equipment

    • Thermal, physic - chemical and rheological properties and characteristics of CWF

    • CWF thermal conversion and combustion processes, specific of CWF use in power generation and industrial applications: fundamental research, practical results and design solutions

    • Economic and environmental aspects of CWF production and usage

  6. Methods to improve fuel efficiency in power plants

    • Combustion catalysts and combustion enhancement techniques

    • Pre-activation of the fuel and oxidizer

    • Preliminary removal of contaminants from solid fuels

    • Coal treatment and additives for slag control

    • Coal grinding technology development and use of pulverized coal

    • Capture, disposal and storage of CO2, by-products utilization: extract of rare earth metals and trace elements

  7. Legislative and regulatory basis for fuels production, processing and usage

  8. Open tender for scientific, technological and engineering projects related to coal-based and hydrocarbon fuel applications to industry and power generation.




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