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Registrations, Fees and Accommodations:

To participate in the Conference, please register before August 25, 2014. For on-line registration click the link REGISTRATION in the navigation panel above which is presented on any page of this web-site. (Your browser has to support JAVA scripts for completing registration form). If you experience any difficulties with on-line registration, please, contact us by:


We need full text of your paper before August 25, 2014.

Requirements for full text publication are:

  • Language is English or Russian

  • 4-6 pages A4 of text in 2 columns with MS Word 2003 or earlier.
    Do not use MSWord 2007 .docx format, please

  • Font Times New Roman 10,

  • Pictures up to 6,

  • Picture width 7.5 cm or 16 cm

  • Picture colors are grayscale,

  • Picture resolution equal or more than 300 dpi

  • Picture format JPEG

In a separate file please send us

  • 7-10 sentences SHORT abstract

  • Keywords

  • Authors data and contact information

For Russian papers (only) additional:

  • 1 page A4 LONG abstract. The sections following are necessary: Introduction, Purpose, Methods, Results. The sections Scientific Novelty and Practical Use are desirable but optional. This point is necessary for web site publication

Regular fee includes

  • Access to oral and visual presentations

  • "Seminar package" for the participants including one hard copy of Book of Proceedings issue

  • Coffee breaks

  • Full board accommodation over Conference schedule

Regular fee is



ST(1) JS(2)


$ 790 $ 800 $ 840 $ 930 $ 970



standard 2-bed room (price is for 1-bed)



improved planning 2-bed room (price is for 1-bed)



standard room for 1 person



Junior Suite (semi-luxury) 2-bed room (price is for 1-bed)



Suite (luxury) room 2-bed room (price is for 1-bed)


  • Cost of paper publication without Conference participation: $ 100




+380 (95) 5222222 (time zone: GMT +02)



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