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15 - 18 September, 2014, Alushta (Crimea)


Coal-water fuel association of ukraine

Scientific-Production innovation Company
"Triacon" (www.triacon.org)




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The main objective of the event is to share knowledge, expertise and experience of academic scientists and industrial research engineers, who are working in coal, oil, gas, chemical and power engineering areas to find successful solutions of complex and rational use of fossil and synthetic fuels in the industrial and power engineering applications, waste of production recycling and by-products utilization.  To present advanced scientific and engineering projects along with innovative ideas to a wide range of interested stakeholders.


Due to insufficient reserves of oil and natural gas, the Solid Fuels serve as the main energy source in the Ukraine. Coal and oil shale are important natural resources of Ukraine economy and can cover the growing national power demand. However, until recently, Ukraine was forced to import large volumes of natural gas and petroleum products. This is not only because of their use in many traditional power plants and technologies, but also due to the slow growth of coal production.

Using and utilization of shale gas, shelf gas and associated gases from the industrial production, i.e. coke oven and blast furnace gases, were not carried out at all until 2011-2012 years.

 However, over the last 2 years the expansion of the privatization of the coal industry was followed by rapid growth of mining capacities and increasing of coal mining volumes. Now the growth rate of mining of coal is much higher than increasing of its usage. This demands an urgent need for expand of fossil fuels usage, the development and deployment of new power generation technology processes to replace oil and gas with raw materials and fuel which are available in the country and with the products of their processing in the power engineering, communal heating, industry and transportation, the disposal of waste from the mining and processing and by-products utilization.

The growth of prices for imported natural gas and oil forced to reconsider the attitude to shale and shelf gas. Development of these fuels are already carried out in different countries, including  Ukraine. In addition, there are actively develop technologies and processing of associated gases in large industrial factories. Thus, ISD Corporation in 2012 began to build at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant combined cycle power plant, which uses a low-calorie fuel gas mixture. The first unit is launched successfully. These power plants will be built in other enterprises of the Corporation.

Many countries worldwide, including Germany, USA, South Africa, China, Great Britain, etc. pursue similar directions of fuel mining and producing. This contributes to the fact that the worldwide average price ratio of the natural gas and coal-based fuel is about 2.2-3.0. Furthermore, a distribution of coal resources is more uniform across the world map, than oil and natural gas distribution, as well as coal supply is less susceptible to geopolitical conjuncture. That is why the scientists, researchers and engineers have been actively working on the development of the innovative, reliable, cost-effective and efficient technologies for production, processing and use of the oil and gas replacement fuels applicable for a wide spectrum of the industrial and power generation needs.

According to Russian analysts researches, Russian oil and natural gas resources are ten times less than coal ones. Modern trends of Russian Oil and Gas Industry will lead to the fact that the structure of energy sources will irreversibly change towards to increased consumption of coal-based fuels.

That is why there is very important to use maximum of physic–chemical potential of the available coal and alternative fossil and hydrocarbon fuels taking into account the customer requirements (technical, economical and environmental) to the end product. The same problems are valid for the waste management processes at the fuel-preparation plants as well.

There are a few major directions of the oil/gas replacement by coal-based fuels and alternative hydrocarbon fuels. Please, see the Topics page of our site to view its all.

Event format

The upcoming event is a combination of scientific/engineering conference and an open forum for the productive networking between the representatives from the Government, private organizations and scientists, professional researchers and developers, who offer their projects, developments and innovations in the area of coal-based and coal-waste fuels to industrial implementation.

The oral presentation of the project results is very efficient way to communicate all aspects and details of the development with emphasis to the benefits and key features. Furthermore, the developer has possibility to discuss the details of the project or presented idea with the experts in the field and interested audience.


The oral presentation of the event will published in full format in the May Issue of Scientific Journal:

Modern Science: Ideas, Researches, Results, Technologies

Who should attend

  • Academic scientists and researchers

  • Industrial research engineers and technology managers

  • Technical staff of power plants and gas-fired industrial facilities




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