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Areas of interests:

  1. Coal-water fuel (CWF)

    • Slurry preparation technology and critical aspects of its, storage and delivery: methods, processes and equipment

    • Thermal, physic - chemical and rheological properties and characteristics of CWF

    • CWF thermal conversion and combustion processes, specific of CWF use in power generation and industrial applications: fundamental research, practical results and design solutions

    • Economic and environmental aspects of CWF production and usage

  2. Coal-based synthetic liquid fuel (SLF)coal production/processing wastes

    • Preparation of SLF by direct coal liquefaction: hydrogen donors, catalysts, processes and equipment

    • Preparation of SLF by pyrolysis of coal and other solid fuels: the methods, processes, equipment, technology, refining of liquid products

    • Production of liquid fuels by solid fuels gasification, followed by Fischer-Tropsch process and other techniques of organic synthesis

    • Economic and environmental aspects of SLF production and usage Coal-based synthetic liquid fuel (SLF) from coal production/processing wastes

  3. Syngas (SG) derived from coal and its production/processing wastes

    • Status and prospects of coal underground gasification and shale gas production: techno-logical, environmental and economic aspects

    • Gasification of coal and coal wastes in a fixed bed, in the melt, in a fluidized bed and in the flow, process flow schemes of product use, economic and ecological features

      • The technologies for the target of gaseous products obtaining - hydrogen, substitute natural gas, raw materials for the liquid products synthesis

      • Technological schemes CCGT with integrated gasification of solid fuels (IGCC plant)

      • Technological schemes of coal gasification with combustion of gaseous products in other types of power plants

      • Combined technological schemes of gasification with the ash and slag waste recycling

  4. Methods to improve fuel efficiency in power plants

    • Combustion catalysts

    • Combustion enhancement techniques

    • Pre-activation of the fuel and oxidizer

    • Preliminary removal of contaminants from solid fuels

    • Coal treatment and additives for slag control

    • Coal grinding technology development

    • Fuel mixtures for ignition improvement and combustion stability of pulverized coal

  5. Legislative and regulatory basis for coal-based fuels production, processing and usage

  6. Open tender for scientific, technological and engineering projects related to coal-based fuel applications to industry and power generation.




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